AG tackles vacant positions

January 4, 2024 6:34 am

Attorney General Siromi Turaga

Attorney General Siromi Turaga has addressed the challenges faced in filling vacant positions at the Attorney-General’s Office.

Upon assuming office last year, Turaga encountered 34 defunded positions, resulting in an imbalance in workload due to inadequate budgetary support.

“For majority of people in Fiji, the new government opens a new window and a New Year comes the expectations of people on services to be provided by the AG’s Office and the Ministry of Justice.”

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Highlighting the significance of recruitment, Turaga reinstated the Law Reform Unit within the Attorney-General’s Office, appointing a Director and legal officers.

Expected to be operational by month-end, this move aims to address workload concerns.

To bolster their legal capacity, the AG’s Office has augmented its lawyer count.

Emphasizing the high demand for their services, Turaga expressed intentions to further recruit senior legal officers to enhance the skill set of their existing lawyers.