50-50 gender split a necessity

March 24, 2024 4:15 pm

Fiji Development Bank

Fiji Development Bank Chief Executive Officer Saud Minam, says achieving a fifty-fifty gender split should be the target for companies, aiming to foster diversity and inclusivity within their ranks.

He emphasized the need for a greater presence of females in higher positions as Fiji progressed forward and males play a vital role in ensuring this.

“In a city like Suva, who can say the branch manager cannot be a female for a development bank? I refuse to accept that, same as in Lautoka, same as in Nadi. So as a male, we need to drive that, we need to work our next other gender which is women.”

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Minam stressed that a balanced gender representation not only promotes fairness but also brings fresh perspectives to the table, igniting discussions that can drive company growth and innovation.

Minam ensured that FDB will continue to push gender barriers and ensure women have a chance in the workforce.