Michael Cera doesn’t see Greta and Margot’s Oscar snubs as a ‘diss’

February 28, 2024 2:17 pm

[Source: CNN Entertainment]

When “Barbie” director Greta Gerwig and star Margot Robbie were not nominated for best director and best actress, respectively, for the upcoming Oscars, the internet was ablaze.

Think pieces were written about how the “snubs are so enraging” because the “patriarchy is baked into every aspect of our culture,” and Ryan Gosling memes went viral – after all, how could Ken (Gosling) be nominated in his category, but not Barbie (Robbie) for…well, “Barbie?”

The news even upset Hillary Clinton, who tweeted about Gerwig and Robbie, “You’re both so much more than Kenough.”

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Of course, both women are nominated for Oscars: Gerwig is nominated for adapted screenplay and Robbie earned a nod as a producer in the best picture category. But still, many “Barbie” viewers were disappointed at what they perceived as snubs in both women’s respective individual categories, particularly for Gerwig, given the history of female directors being largely shut out at the Oscars (and in Hollywood). Plus, the entire point of “Barbie” is to flip the misogynistic world on its head and allow women to own their power.

However, one of the cast members of “Barbie” doesn’t see the Academy’s omissions as snubs.

Michael Cera, who played Allan – the kooky and lovable best friend of Ken – told CNN that the real win is how the film was received by audiences and brought people back into theaters.

“I know that the whole reaction of that was that it was kind of a diss, but I guess I don’t see it that way because I think the movie being nominated is an amazing accomplishment. I can’t really see it as a loss,” Cera said, speaking to CNN Saturday evening on the red carpet at the SAG Awards, where “Barbie” tied with “Oppenheimer” to lead the film categories with four nominations.

“The movie did so well. They did such a beautiful job with it,” Cera continued. “Of course, recognition would be great, but I don’t know that either of them – and I don’t want to speak for them – but I don’t know that either of their sense of success on the project is hinging on that.”

Despite Gerwig not making the cut for best director and Robbie not sliding into the best actress categories, “Barbie” – from Warner Bros., which has the same parent company as CNN – is nonetheless going into the Oscars with eight nominations.

“To have the movie nominated for best picture is fantastic,” Cera said. “I can’t think of it as a loss. I think of the whole thing as a big win… the movie being loved and recognized is really the best thing we could ask for.”

When asked about the irony of Ken (Gosling) being nominated, but not Barbie (Robbie), Cera laughed and quipped, “Yeah, the world is not completely changed just because of the movie.”

Not all “Barbie” stars were so kind with their words when discussing the Oscar nominations. Gosling and fellow “Barbie” nominee America Ferrera expressed their frustration with how the Academy Award nods played out.

“To say that I’m disappointed that they are not nominated in their respective categories would be an understatement,” Gosling previously said.

As for Gerwig and Robbie, both women have addressed the Oscar nominations, taking the high road and standing up for each other.

“There’s no way to feel sad when you know you’re this blessed,” Robbie said about the nominations in a recent SAG-AFTRA conversation. “Obviously, I think Greta should be nominated as a director. What she did is a once-in-a-career, once-in-a-lifetime thing. What she pulled off, it really is. But it’s been an incredible year for all the films.”

Gerwig was asked about Robbie not being nominated as an actress by Time magazine and said, “Of course I wanted it for Margot. But I’m just happy we all get to be there together.”

“Barbie” surpassed $1.4 billion worldwide, making Gerwig the highest-grossing female director of all time and the first woman to helm a film that crossed one billion dollars.

With the success of “Barbie,” a spinoff would be plausible. So, would Cera be interested in a movie revolving around his character, Allan?

“I mean, yeah. Why not?” he told CNN. “As long as Greta is somehow endorsing it or involved in it – otherwise, I’d be a little dubious.”