Bigg Boss OTT 3 contestant slams Rakhi Sawant

July 8, 2024 12:15 pm

[Source: Bollywood Hungama]

In a dramatic turn of events, Bigg Boss OTT 3 fame Payal Malik has responded to Rakhi Sawant’s recent comments about her relationship with her husband, Armaan.

Rakhi Sawant had taken to social media to share a video in which she said, “Agar main show mein aayi toh kahi teesri biwi banke bahar naa niklu (If I enter the show, I might become the third wife and get eliminated).”

Payal did not take kindly to Rakhi’s dig at her family.

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Addressing the controversy surrounding Armaan’s marriages and Rakhi’s remarks, Payal posted a video on her social media channelsas a rebuttal, saying, “I think you don’t have any work, that’s why you are targeting my family.

You are calling Kritika a lizard and insulting Armaan by abusing him. I did not ask for any kind of justice from you. You need to give justice to all the three or four men you got married to. You just want to create a controversy. That’s it. We don’t have any such problems going on in our family, so it would be better if you stay away from it. This won’t be my final video, if you try to sabotage our image, I will give it back to you.”