Council tackles $14 million rate arrears

March 31, 2024 4:32 pm

Nasinu Municipal Building [File Photo]

The recently appointed management of Nasinu Town Council is actively engaged in formulating a strategic plan aimed at enhancing revenue generation amidst ongoing financial constraints.

Currently, the Council finds itself dealing with $14 million in rate arrears along with shortages in staff and revenue.

Acting Chief Executive Imraan Khan has acknowledged the difficulties faced in effectively managing operations within the confines of limited financial resources.

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“Of the 3.1 million that we invoice out on a daily basis, 2.4 million is used for solid waste management only. So, from that amount, we are basically left to do the other activities of council. This is the green waste collection that we have to do, the white goods collection that we have to do, public health act that we have to do, the building acts that we have to do, block controls, drainage upgrades and other things. So, balancing those off and balancing the HR side of it, that’s what actually takes up a lot of our financials.”

Khan says they are focusing on investing into mixed commercial activities.

“We have the Laqere phase 2 market plan whereby it’s going to be developed in terms of a public-private partnership which will be a mixed commercial sector that brings in additional income for the council. The similar focus is on the buy-label kiosks. So, we are trying to become a more sustainable organization.”

The Acting CEO emphasizes the urgent need for innovative strategies to address these challenges comprehensively and ensure the sustainable functioning of the Council in the long term.