Fiji surfers eye improved outing

February 21, 2024 6:17 am

[ Source : Supplied ]

The Fiji team to the 36th World Surfing Games is hoping to improve their standings at this year’s meet.

Fiji was ranked 24th out of 60 participating countries in the previous Games.

Captain Andrew Rhodes says that they hope for a top-10 finish this year.

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‘You know we are here to do the best we can, having said that the competition is pretty tough. There are top professional surfers from every country here and these are the guys that do a full year around. i think we’ve got a good chance of bettering our last core.’

He adds this is their year to shine and they have what it takes to do just that.

‘Yes, 100% we definitely have a strong squad this year, we definitely have a better chance this year of improving that performance.’

The ISA World Surfing Games will begin this Friday and wrap up next Sunday.

Fiji is among the 55 participating countries.