Villagers celebrate Serua Day

June 15, 2024 7:13 am

The Province of Serua celebrated Serua Day yesterday.

25 villages from the four districts of the province, converged to collect funds that will be utilized to carry out developments in their communities.

The celebration also provided a platform for the villagers to showcase their handicrafts.

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Senior Assistant Roko Tui, Jona Dalaga says the Serua Day provides an opportunity for the people of the province to share a light moment with each other.

“The government funds initiatives carried out by the District Office, but there are certain initiatives that have to be self-funded. This is why we have gathered collect funds which will be divided into two – one half to the District Office and the other half to be saved to fund developments.”

Navutulevu Village Headman, Uraia Ratulevu says they are grateful to host the event.

“I would like to acknowledge the assistance offered by the District Office and the Provincial Office, to carry out development in our communities. We are really grateful for the support.”

Also part of the Serua Day were various government agencies and departments, including the Agriculture Ministry, Fisheries Ministry, Land Transport of Authority, Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji, as well as tertiary institutions.