International Volunteer Day celebrated in Suva

December 2, 2023 4:45 pm

Assistant Minister for Women, Children, and Social Protection Sashi Kiran has extended sincere thanks to the multitude of volunteers, development organizations and civil society groups pivotal in propelling Fiji towards its development milestones.

During the celebration of International Volunteer Day in Suva today, Kiran stressed the paramount importance of cooperation and teamwork in realizing the vision of a prosperous and dynamic society.

Emphasizing the necessity of collaboration and assistance from stakeholders, including NGOs, the Assistant Minister highlighted the crucial role such partnerships play in implementing comprehensive development measures.

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“And as government, there are great plans in trying to work around development that we need partners, we need our development partners, we need CSOs, and we need every citizen and every volunteer to be able to contribute.”

Kiran highlights that volunteerism holds a transformative power for society with its positive impact resonating across various facets of community life.

French Ambassador Francois Xavier Leger disclosed that the French volunteer system is actively exploring proposals for reciprocity.

“We come here to learn, and we can also send some Fijian volunteers to France to learn and to teach us what they can bring to us in terms of skills, knowledge, and values.”

Encouraging individuals to participate in volunteer activities, Kiran framed it not merely as a gesture of giving back but as a pathway to continuous learning, self-discovery and a meaningful contribution to societal betterment.