Fiji Pensioners Association invites new members

February 21, 2023 12:18 pm

Public Service Commission Chair and the Association's Trustee, Luke Rokovada.

The Fiji Pensioners Association says it has opened its doors to any retired members of the public who wish to join them.

Previously only civil pensioners can join however, this has been revised.

The Public Service Commission Chair and the Association’s Trustee, Luke Rokovada, says he feels there is a great need to better serve members of the public who have retired from their work.

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“The Pensioners Association has opened up to anyone who has retired under the FNPF or under any other scheme, they are all welcome to join the Pension Association.”

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Rokovada says they are carrying out a drive to bring in new members.

He adds that they wanted to ensure that the needs of pensioners were better addressed; hence, they wanted to bring as many retirees as possible under one roof.