Access to pornographic sites concerning: Tabuya

February 6, 2023 4:56 pm

The Ministry of Children, Women, and Poverty Alleviation is concerned about how pornographic sites are now easily accessed by children.

Minister Lynda Tabuya says she has been an advocate and there is a need to regulate children’s access to social media and use of their phones to stop easy access to these pornographic sites.

Tabuya says these sites are considered to be the new drugs for the younger generation.

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The Minister says the ministry is looking to do an evidence-based study of the impacts of pornography on children.

“One big area that we’re very concerned about is children and the access to pornography, which is so regularly available on social media. I’ve been an advocate against it and the need to regulate our children’s access and use of their phones, as well as social media, as well as the internet, to access pornography, which is considered now the new drug.”

Tabuya states that this is a matter of concern as there is subjective evidence of the connection between pornography and the rise in sexual offenses.