Minister updates parliament on cane access roads

April 17, 2024 6:07 am

[File Photo]

The cane access road maintenance is suspended during the rainy season from November to April.

This was highlighted by Sugar Minster Charan Jeath Singh in parliament yesterday while responding to questions from the opposition.

The sugar minister states that this precaution is taken largely to prevent the road upgrade from being damaged or washed away.

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Therefore, Singh adds that repairs for certain cane access roads have not commenced.

Singh says that these access roads are important to sugarcane farms and other agricultural farmers.

“These roads serve as vital arteries of our nation’s sugar industry, enabling timely harvesting and delivery of sugarcane while minimizing logistical challenges for our hardworking farmers.”

Singh says to ensure the best value for money, maintenance activities usually begin from May to the early stages of the crushing season.

The minister says that preparations are already in the final stages to upgrade the 3000 kilometres of road, supply culverts, and repair crossings with an allocated budget of two million dollars.