Pacific Islands

Sogavare returns for his 7th term

April 22, 2024 2:45 pm

[Source: Benar News]

CARETAKER Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has been re-elected for his seventh tenure as the Member of Parliament for East Choiseul.

The four-time Prime Minister secured his seventh parliamentary election by a total of 1,808 votes, beating his runner-up David Qurusu of the Solomon Islands Democratic Party by 259 votes.

Qurusu polled a total of 1549 votes.

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The other candidates Pitamaoma Davis Soleboe, Kaboke James Ron and Dusaru Moreen polled 219 votes, 97 and 30 votes respectively.

The total number of registered voters in the constituency stands at 4328 and the total number of votes casted were 3705. There was only one rejected vote recorded.

In Northwest Choiseul, the Caretaker Minister of Finance and Treasury, Harry Kuma has also been re-elected.

Kuma, a member of OUR Party, secured his victory by 3377 votes. His runner-up Pukakoqoro Alick Flaming received 2,824 votes.

Other candidates Kiko Hensol Siribau, Qoloni Watson Pitasua, Kengabatu Paul, Pupubatu Jovita polled 377, 206, 173 and 16 votes respectively.

Other Members of OUR Party from the 11th Parliament whose re-election have been officially declared were the MP for Ulawa-Ugi, Marau Willie Bradford, MP for North Vella La Vella, Clezy Rore and MP for Central Makira, Nestor Ghiro, MP for South Vella La Vella, Frederick Kologheto, MP for Fataleka and Rexon Annex Ramofafia.

OUR Party members from the 11th Parliament who lost their constituency seats were Samuel Manetoali of Gao-Bugotu Constituency, Chris Laore of the Shortland Islands Constituency. Lily Maefai of East Makira Constituency and Senley Levi Filualea.