Canada PM Justin Trudeau's official plane breaks down, again

January 7, 2024 10:42 am

[Source: BBC]

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s aircraft has broken down during a trip to Jamaica, in his second travel incident in four months.

The Canadian Armed Forces said on Friday that they were forced to send a second plane with a repair team to address the issue.

Mr Trudeau was on the Caribbean island for a family holiday.

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Last September, Mr Trudeau’s departure from India was delayed by two days because of a mechanical glitch.

The PM, who is required to travel on a military plane for security reasons, flew to Jamaica on 26 December.

The problem was discovered on 2 January, CBC news reports.

A day later, the second plane carried a maintenance team to repair the first, a spokeswoman for Canada’s defence department told the broadcaster.

He returned on 4 January as originally scheduled.

Both planes were CC-144 Challenger aircrafts, relatively new acquisitions by the Canadian Armed Forces.

Mr Trudeau has suffered a string of travel mishaps in recent years.

In September, his departure from Delhi following a G20 Summit was embarrassingly delayed after his plane encountered an unspecified mechanical problem.

During his re-election campaign in 2019, a bus carrying journalists collided with the wing of an aircraft chartered by Mr Trudeau’s Liberal party.

Later that year, he was forced to use a backup plane to attend a Nato summit in London after the original had been damaged in a hangar accident.

But a problem was discovered with the backup aircraft and the prime minister had to use a third one to return home.