RWC 2023

Botia demonstrates 'Play like a Fijian' spirit

October 2, 2023 9:29 am

Levani Botia earned the player of the match title yesterday against Georgia [Source: Rugby World Cup and Fiji Rugby]

Nicknamed the ‘Demolition Man’, Fiji Water Flying Fijians flanker Levani Botia earned the player of the match title yesterday for his outstanding performance in assisting in scoring Fiji’s second try.

As one of the senior players in the team, Botia showcased his exceptional skills in this crucial match.

Botia knew he demonstrated the ‘Play like a Fijian’ spirit against Georgia.

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“One thing about us Fijians we love to play the ball, keep the ball alive, so whatever opportunity came, we trust each other so I see my fellow players with the white jersey behind me, I understand that I had to give them the opportunity because Rugby is Rugby, we don’t know what’s going to happen.”

He is well aware of the mistakes they made against their opponents and understands they have greater playing abilities.

“I’m proud of the boys, first 40 minutes we were struggling for our attack, we lost a lot of balls, we missed! We were giving away opportunities.”

Botia’s selection as the player of the game didn’t surprise coach Simon Raiwalui because they are well aware of his exceptional abilities.

“Levani is a world class player, he has proved it on the biggest level in Europe, for Fiji for a number of years, he used to play sevens as well. He is a quality player and a leader within the group . He was outstanding again today.”

The robust flanker and our national team will take a break today before starting training again tomorrow in order to get ready for their last pool match.

They will play Portugal next Monday at 7 a.m.