Fijiana 7s ready for LA

March 1, 2024 4:53 pm

[Source: World Rugby Sevens]

The Fiji Airways Fijiana 7s is hopeful for a good outing, after focusing on improving their restarts, which proved to be a setback in their previous outings.

Head coach Saiasi Fuli emphasizes the importance of winning restarts, stating that this aspect, along with their transitioning, has been a downfall for them.

Despite their loss in Vancouver, Fuli says they’re all good to go out again.

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“The restart and chase, we need to retain the balls and also the high transition we need to reconnect, our defensive shapes if we lose the ball and also our decision making.”

Fuli adds players tend to struggle with decision-making under pressure, but he remains determined that they will deliver their best performance this weekend.

Meanwhile, Raijieli Daveua has been selected to lead the team at the Los Angeles 7s.

The Fijiana faces Brazil in their opening match at 1:14pm tomorrow.

On Sunday, they’ll meet South Africa at 8:26am and New Zealand at 1:24pm.

Fiji 7s takes on Great Britain in their opening match tomorrow at 2:54pm.

On Sunday, they clash with Canada at 5:30am and France at 10:22am before the men’s cup quarterfinals begin at 3:26pm.

The semi-finals and final will be held on Monday.

You can watch both the Fiji and Fijiana pool games live on FBC TV.