Football curriculum for Yasawas

April 17, 2024 12:32 pm

[Source: Fiji Football Association/ Facebook]

Football continues to tap into new areas, with Yasawa Islands becoming the latest to be part of the FIFA Football for Schools Curriculum.

The Fiji Football Association launched this at the Namara Village School yesterday.

Fiji FA Technical Director, Timo Jankowski who is taking the leading role in growing the sport has been delighted with what he has seen.

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[Source: Fiji Football Association/ Facebook]

He says it’s essential to provide opportunities for sports and recreation in all communities, and football is a globally loved sport that can bring people together and promote physical activity and teamwork.

Jankowski was also impressed with the enthusiasm and determination shown by the youngsters in Namara Village School are truly inspiring.

[Source: Fiji Football Association/ Facebook]

He says the kids were super excited as some of them had the opportunity to kick a soccer ball for the first time and play football.

[Source: Fiji Football Association/ Facebook]

This is Fiji FA’s first step to take football to the Maritime Islands.