Women undertake floriculture project

March 9, 2023 4:19 pm

Kelera Colala.

Floriculture is one of the major projects undertaken by women in the rural areas, including Kadavu.

59-year-old Kelera Colala of the Waikatakata clan of Muani village in Kadavu highlights how crucial the project is to them as part of the Women in Agriculture programme.

Colala says the women’s group plants masi and voivoi, including flower plants, to help them generate income for their families.

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“We the Waikatakata Womens Group in Kadavu are very grateful to the Ministry of Agriculture for the assistance they provided. We received the materials for a green-house with planting materials of anthurium, masi and voivoi under the Women in Agriculture program of the Ministry. The Ministry also conducted Farm Management training for us to broaden our knowledge of farming practices and to treat farming as a business.”

The group commended the efforts of the Agriculture Ministry in providing all the relevant support needed for the project.

The Ministry is currently working on expanding their reach on the Women in Agriculture programme to women living in rural and maritime areas.