Wastewater master plan is a proactive step: WAF

February 8, 2023 4:30 pm

WAF Acting Manager Wastewater Josaia Koroilavesau.

The public consultation on the formulation of a wastewater treatment master plan is a proactive step, according to Water Authority of Fiji’s Acting Manager Wastewater Josaia Koroilavesau.

Koroilavesau says this will allow the Water Authority of Fiji to properly size the appropriate infrastructure for the next 20 years.

He stresses that the master plan will also minimize any future environmental issues that could be detrimental.

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“If we do not collect this information now, in the future, we will have pipes and pump stations that are undersized, and we won’t be able to provide the services to the public and meet the demand and growth rate that we are experiencing now.”

Koroilavesau says this consultation will assist in the development of a 20-year master plan for wastewater treatment in the West.

JICA is funding the project and assisting WAF.