Upgrade of minibus stand in Nadi next month

February 9, 2023 4:18 pm

Minibus stand in Nadi.

Renovation work at the minibus stand in Nadi is expected to start from next month.

Nadi Special Administrator Lawrence Kumar says its about time they upgrade the stand as for years passengers and drivers have suffered especially during rainy weather.

Kumar says they cannot disclose the total investment now however they will ensure the infrastructure lasts long.

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“If you see the current facility, the current facility is only gravel out there, so we are trying to improve that area and sort of seal it off and have line markings to be done. A full-scale upgrade in order for the basic facilities to be provided not only that we will have public convenience out there.”

Kumar says they have received several tenders for the job which closed two weeks ago.

He says once the evaluation is completed on the tenders and a contractor is chosen, work will be done thereafter.

The project is expected to be completed by July.

During the works, the Nadi Town Council will provide a space for the minibus drivers to operate out of.