Training leads to successful narcotics interception

May 15, 2024 6:08 am

[Source: Ashna Kumar, UNDP]

A two-week seaport and border control training program in Nadi which concluded last week has yielded immediate results, with participants intercepting a vessel carrying narcotics upon entering Fijian waters.

85 participants from relevant authorities gathered to enhance their essential knowledge and skills for vessel searches, including safety at sea, boarding operations, boarding access systems and in-water survival techniques.

The training program included a five-day intensive set of mock exercises that focused on vessel searches and seizures with participants searching yachts, barges, and container ships, amongst others.

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[Source: UNDP]

During the final day of the training program, participants were put into action with the live search of a yacht with officials discovering a quantity of marijuana onboard.

The seizure highlights the practical efficacy of the training, with border officials having tracked the vessel due to suspicious activities before the successful interception.

[Source: Ashna Kumar, UNDP]

Minister for Lands Filimoni Vosarogo stresses that the successful interception of narcotics highlights the critical importance of such training initiatives and the synergy among our dedicated officials.

[Source: Ashna Kumar, UNDP]

He adds that through a collective approach, they aim to combat illicit activities and protect maritime borders.

[Source: Ashna Kumar, UNDP]

Participants from Fiji Revenue Customs Services (FRCS), with support from the UN Development Programme (UNDP) Pacific Office in Fiji, were part of the training.