Tabuya denies romantic involvement with Radrodro

January 25, 2024 5:06 pm

Minister for Women, Children and Social Protection, Lynda Tabuya

Minister for Women, Children and Social Protection, Lynda Tabuya has vehemently denied rumors of a romantic involvement with Social Democratic Liberal Party MP Aseri Radrodro.

She dismissed the rumours and labelled the claims as “fake news.”

Tabuya insists that the texts and inappropriate images circulating on social media are fabricated and she has filed a complaint regarding this matter with the Fiji Police Force.

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She stands firm in asserting that there has been no romantic involvement with Radrodro and refers to those spreading this information online as keyboard warriors.

“It is the same thing as I said last year. It is fake news. You know sex sells. You know, and so there is fake news, and I find that some public personalities who are impersonating as media personalities have gone out there and sensationalized it.”

Tabuya has sought assistance from police abroad to get the pictures and news articles offline.

“The Australian Federal Police have assisted the Fiji police to instruct certain figures who have been on Facebook and have websites to take down. You know, content that they have displayed. And so I will be pursuing that continually in terms of the police investigation.”

Meanwhile, Tabuya is also under internal investigation by The People’s Alliance Legal and Disciplinary Subcommittee due to a complaint raised against her by a party member.

The nature of the complaint is unknown.

“So I stand ready to face the processes of the party. It is within our constitution for a party member to complain about another party member. So I am taking that in great stride, and I look forward to hearing from the committee.”

Prime Minister and People’s Alliance Party Leader Sitiveni Rabuka has confirmed the inquiry but did not provide much information.

“I’m not entitled to divulge that. A complaint has been made by a member of the party disciplinary committee, and they are the ones that will make the announcement.”

Tabuya highlights the challenges presented by false narratives and stresses the importance of responsible media practices.