Suva welcomes 2024 with vigor

January 1, 2024 9:43 am

Despite the rainy and wet New Year’s Eve, the City of Suva was busy last night, with people from all walks of life gathered to welcome the New Year with their loved ones.

While some choose to enjoy themselves with friends at their favourite hangout spots in the city, others welcome the New Year at their different churches.

The Suva Sacred Cathedral church was packed with congregation, ending the year on high by strengthening their faith in God.

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Night food stalls and famous eateries were also open to cater to the needs of people who wished to dine out with that special someone or just go out with their families.

Stall owner George Boseyaco says it was a slow start but there was competition as the night progressed.

“The price of the subs should be $14 and some of the stalls like to compete with us they sell at $13 and $12 just to get their subs sold.”

Police patrol was also visible as safety and protection of everyone was paramount so people can enjoy the New Year celebration.

Children were also seen enjoying the rides and taking pictures under the colourful city lights.

Well-known pubs and nightclubs were also busy with patrons and bouncers donning their matching outfits to celebrate the New Year.