Scanning machine to address contraband issue

April 19, 2024 4:27 pm

[File Photo]

The Fiji Correction Services is embarking on addressing the continuous issue of contraband smuggling into the correction facilities.

Attorney General and Minister for Justice Siromi Turaga says that the FCS will be introducing a comprehensive strategy aimed at enhancing security measures, helping correction officers stay on top of their jobs, and reducing illicit activities within the correction facilities.

According to the Attorney General, the strategic measures include the purchase of handheld machines and metal detector walk-through doors for correctional centres, ensuring thorough screening procedures.

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“There is also the procurement of a full-body x-ray scanner machine. There is also heightened surveillance and intelligence gathering by the Emergency Unit, facilitating proactive intervention and response.”

Attorney General and Minister for Justice Siromi Turaga

Turaga acknowledges the pressing nature of the issue and is firmly committed to implementing effective measures to ensure the safety, security, and rehabilitation of all individuals under the Fiji Corrections Service.