Restoring the GCC marks progress, not regression says PM

February 28, 2024 4:53 pm

The Great Council of Chiefs acts as a cornerstone of governance and peace, bridging the gaps that have emerged over the last 16 years.

While speaking at the opening of the Great Council of Chiefs meeting at the Yatu Lau Lagoon Resort in Pacific Harbour this morning, Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka says the restoration of the GCC is not a step back into the past but a leap forward.

Rabuka, while recognizing the indispensable role of the GCC, says it not only safeguards the interests and well-being of the iTaukei, but its broader mandate is to foster inclusivity and harmony among all ethnic groups that call Fiji home.

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With the convening of the paramount chiefs for the second consecutive year of the Great Council of Chiefs, Rabuka says it marks the close collaboration of paramount chiefs, the wisdom of our elders, and the vitality of our youth to help forge a future that is resilient, inclusive, and prosperous.

“The re-establishment of the GCC heralds a new era of governance, one that recalls its illustrious past achievements while embracing the challenges and opportunities of the present and future.”

With its rich legacy as our foundation, the GCC is poised to play an even greater role in our national discourse and consciousness, embodying the principles of good governance, respect for all cultures, and the pursuit of collective well-being.

Rabuka says chiefly titles, knowledge, and ancestry are vital to the indigenous identity and culture and to the functioning of the Vanua.

“As your Prime Minister, I pledge my unwavering support to the GCC and to all Fijians, as we embark on this journey together. Let us renew our commitment to one another, to our nation, and to the ideals that the GCC represents.”

The Prime Minister says that as the representatives recall the foundation upon which the GCC was built, we should not forget our chiefs, who valiantly fought to safeguard its position. The two-day meeting ends tomorrow.