Respect landowners, says Nakibo

March 3, 2023 2:21 pm

Fiji Pine Trust says any matters related to pine landowners should be communicated through Fiji Pine Trust alone.

Chairman Taniela Nakibo makes the plea amidst concern about misinformation against the trust.

Nakibo has raised concerns about the Vanua Levu Landowners Association, which he claims is trying to politicize the operation.

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He says the association has nothing to do with landowners and is not a legal representation for landowners.

He adds that there are a few people who have been removed in the past due to reforms and who are known as abusers, and they are trying to tarnish the good works and are trying their level best to come on board for their self-serving interests.

Nakibo says they trust the new coalition government and urges the association to stop spreading lies and bringing politics into this industry.

He claims the company was blatantly raped by corruption, abuse, and mismanagement, and landowners did not get any returns until 2014; it had a debt of more than $60 million.

He further stated that for the past eight years, landowners have realized returns due to continuous reforms and abusers being removed.

Nakibo urged the people to have some sense of respect and dignity for landowners and to stop spreading lies and manipulation through social media.