Radio still number one medium of communication

February 13, 2023 4:09 pm

Radio Fiji One Radio Director Nai Kamanalagi.

Radio continues to be part of the daily information tool in every household and still maintains an important affection over the years.

Today, FBC, with its six radio stations, acknowledges the importance of radio in our society and its ability to reach every home across the country.

FBC’s longest-serving announcer, Nai Kamanalagi, says over the 36 years of her career, radio has remained the number one medium for reaching the majority of Fijians throughout Fiji.

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“Radio is one of the essential parts of transitional peace in Fiji and around the world.”

Mirchi FM Breakfast Show host Jiten Shandil says radio is the only accessible medium during disasters as everyone relies on it for updates.

“Radio has created a lot of awareness regarding weather during cyclone time and sports updates that’s why I love radio.”

Today marks World Radio Day with the theme “Radio and Peace.”