Police to work on response tactics: Chew

September 24, 2023 12:39 pm

The Fiji Police Force is working on reviewing its respective response unit following the attack on the Totogo Police Station in Suva earlier this week.

Acting Police Commissioner, Juki Fong Chew says Fijians have raised concerns about the officer’s inability to quickly defuse the situation.

Therefore, Fong Chew says they intend to provide refresher training for officers, as the responses adopted must be aligned with best policing practices.

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“Divisional Police Commanders in the five policing divisions have been tasked with reexamining and reviewing their respective response units, and all officers under their command are to undergo refreshment training.”

Acting Police Commissioner, Juki Fong Chew

The Acting Police Commissioner states that the recent attack has brought to light the issue of police response.

“As I stated, it was an isolated incident; however, it has brought to light the need to review our current response practices, as an attack on any policing institution is an attack on security.”

The Acting Police Commissioner believes that different situations demand different responses, and the Force is working to do better in those areas.