Police highlights broader implications of drug use

June 10, 2024 6:24 am

The Fiji Police Force highlights the broader social implications of drug use, particularly among the youth.

Acting Commissioner Juki Fong Chew has therefore called on parents to guide their children and educate them about the dangers of drug use.

Chew also suggested integrating drug education into the school curriculum and increasing public health campaigns.

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“If they talk about it on a daily basis to their children, I wish and I hope it will reduce the harm to the younger generation because this younger generation are our future leaders. So if we cannot do things now in order to minimize it, just imagine 10 years’ time from now.”

In terms of operational challenges, Chew highlighted the importance of reliable information sharing.

“We need to verify how true the information is before deploying resources rather than a lose-lose situation..”

Looking ahead, Chew mentioned the need for more manpower will be beneficial to assist in the drug fight.

The Fiji Police Force currently has over 5000 staff establishment.