Parents urged to prioritize quality over cost

January 21, 2024 12:26 pm

The Consumer Council of Fiji is advising parents and guardians not to choose cheaper options over quality products.

Chief Executive Seema Shandil says back-to-school shopping should be seen as an investment and not as a one-off affair.

Shandil adds that many consumers do not shop around and are hesitant to spend a few extra dollars on quality products.

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“Previous complaints have revealed that you know, just after a few days or after a few weeks, parents have faced difficulties or faced issues with school bags or, you know, special shoes because they did not check for the quality. They just went ahead and purchased. They did not move around to look for better deals and better quality.”

Shandil emphasizes that parents and guardians can save themselves the hassle of buying school bags and shoes during the mid-academic year by making informed decisions during their shopping.