New Dignity Facility for 100 CPRs

July 7, 2024 7:26 am

[Source: Pacific Recycling Foundation/Facebook]

Nearly 100 Collection Pillars of Recycling at the Maururu Dumpsite in Ba celebrated the official opening of the Dignity Facility, a portable washroom and breakroom facility.

The initiative of Pacific Recycling Foundation is supported by GlobalGiving, R C Manubhai Group of Companies, and Ba Town Council.

The project brings relief to CPR who, for decades, have worked without access to essential amenities such as water, washrooms, and clean spaces for meals or rest.

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[Photo: Supplied]

PRF Founder, Amitesh Deo says despite their critical contributions, CPR have long been underappreciated, unrecognised, and inadequately compensated.

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Deo stresses says these workers deserve support from various stakeholders.

“There are some key alignments to this facility. One of it is the testimony from us to recognize the work that is being done by the CPR community. So this facility here, while it is giving basic dignity to the CPR community, it is also about us recognizing the work done by this group and continues to be done.”

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The CPR community play a crucial role in the waste management sector.

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Their tireless efforts in collecting and sorting recyclable materials significantly reduce our carbon footprint, thereby contributing to the fight against climate change.

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