NEC Board reconvenes after four years

December 1, 2023 11:49 am

Maritino Nemani [Source: Fiji Government/Facebook]

The National Employment Centre Board of the Ministry of Employment reconvened yesterday after a lapse of four years.

Maritino Nemani, the Permanent Secretary for Employment and Chair of the Board, stated that the last NEC board meeting took place in March 2019; therefore, this meeting was long overdue.

Nemani welcomed the appointment of the board members and their participation in discussions on national policies related to employment creation in both formal and informal sectors.

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He mentions that the discussions focused on Board papers covering NEC operations and policies related to formal employment, labor mobility, and volunteerism. All members endorsed these policies for implementation.

The Board plays a critical role in advising the Ministry and the Government on employment creation matters, the development of national employment regulations, standards, code of practice, and the implementation of employment creation policies. It also provides advice to the Employment Minister.

Nemani emphasizes that the Ministry will continue working closely with its stakeholders to address employment-related issues.
Board members also acknowledged the Coalition Government’s commitment to revamping decision-making machinery involving stakeholders.