NCOF focuses on agriculture

December 11, 2023 5:31 am

[Source: Fiji Meteorological Service/ Facebook]

The 6th National Climate Outlook Forum aimed to help the agriculture sector interpret and apply climate information in their decision-making process.

The Forum hosted by the Fiji Meteorological Service focused on improving the collaboration between the meteorology-agriculture sectors and develop tailored seasonal forecast products.

During the forum, a review of the state of climate was also carried out and future predictions was also provided.

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[Source: Fiji Meteorological Service/ Facebook]

As a guide to effective development and applications of climate services around the world, the Global Framework for Climate Services was established in 2009.

The vision of the GFCS is to enable societies to better manage the risks and opportunities arising from climate variability and change, especially for those who are most vulnerable to such risks.

This is achieved through the development and incorporation of science-based climate information and prediction into planning, policy and practice.

As part of the programme for implementing GFCS at the national scale, Meteorological Services around the world have ventured into organizing regular National Climate Outlook Forums.