Nabouwalu township dream starts to take shape

January 18, 2024 4:22 pm

The province of Bua’s dream is slowly turning into reality with the commencement of the development of Nabouwalu Township.

This is an aspiration that residents have yearned for years, as they would have to travel far to access facilities and services that are not available in their area.

The Minister for Local Government, Maciu Nalumisa, officiated at the ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of a passenger terminal, which is part of the three-phase development.

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Nalumisa says the development will transform the lives of people who will help elevate their community, which plays a vital role as a port of entry in the country.

“This terminal is more than a point of transit; it is a gateway to enhanced connectivity, increased commerce, and expanded recreational opportunities for Vanua Levu.”

Nalumisa also assures the town’s adaptability to climate change with its eco-friendly features, emphasizing our commitment to sustainability.

“It will feature green spaces as carbon sinks, rely on renewable energies, and implement water management systems for resource efficiency.”

The Nabouwalu Township development will benefit a population of around 20,000 from 54 villages and 192 settlements, covering around 1380 hectares of land in the Province of Bua.