MoH enhances primary healthcare services

June 6, 2024 11:37 am

The Ministry of Health is actively engaging with communities to gather feedback on current health services and identify areas for improvement.

Minister for Health Dr Atonio Lalabalavu, emphasizes the need for commitment from within the government and among stakeholders to strengthen forums for community engagement.

This initiative also aligns with the government’s agenda for inclusive development to enhance the well-being of all citizens.

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“As we deliberate on the way forward for PHC in Fiji, we need to gather commitment from within Cabinet, within government in other Ministries, and from our stakeholders and partners. This includes strengthening forums or platforms for engaging with and empowering individuals and communities to participate and provide inputs and feedback on health services being delivered.”

While Fiji has made significant progress in implementing primary healthcare, Dr Lalabalavu highlights the urgent need to enhance access, quality, and healthcare equity.

“We must strive to enhance comprehensive health service access, quality, and equity of care, particularly in response to Fiji’s evolving health needs, such as the NCD crisis and rising HIV incidence. Fiji’s health needs are changing and the non-communicable disease burden growing. Inaction today may result in unsustainable health spending in the future.”

The Minister adds that while Fiji has an established active primary health care system, the government’s commitment is to improve it to ensure it effectively promotes awareness and prevention.