Ministry plans repatriation for Fijians stranded in New Caledonia

May 26, 2024 7:23 am

Kanak flag waving next to a burning vehicle at an independantist roadblock at La Tamoa, in the commune of Paita, France's Pacific territory of New Caledonia [Source: AFP]

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is coordinating closely with Australia, New Zealand, France, and Fiji Airways on the possible repatriation of 12 nationals stranded in New Caledonia.

The Ministry is closely monitoring the events unfolding in New Caledonia over the past two weeks.

In a statement, the Ministry says the safety and wellbeing of the nationals is a top priority, and they are in contact with the Fijian nationals who went on holidays and are stranded there, including those who are employed and reside in New Caledonia.

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It says they are providing regular updates to nationals and have assured them that work is in progress to safely repatriate them as soon as possible.

In terms of the repatriation process, the Ministry is coordinating closely with Australia to have Fijian nationals board the Australian flights over the next few days.

Fiji Airways is on standby to provide the revised tickets once the port of entry from Australia is confirmed.

The Ministry says the Fiji High Commission in Australia will be available to meet the nationals and provide waiting areas for them on their arrival into Australia as they wait for their next possible flight to Fiji.