Ministry expresses concern over risky habits of drug use

May 11, 2024 7:55 am

The Ministry of Health and Medical Services has expressed concern about the dangerous practice of drug use involving needles and syringes.

This as the practice of Bluetooth to transfer drugs can spread HIV.

Health Minister, Doctor Atonio Lalabalavu explains that there are pros and cons to the availability of the apparatus, considering the link between the use of drugs and transmission of HIV.

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“How it is readily available, there are things practiced overseas where needles and syringes are readily available. It has been known to reduce the spread, but there are pros and cons while on the other hand you are trying to reduce the spread of HIV but encouraging drug use as well.”

Dr Lalabalavu says while needles and syringes are widely accessible, we would have to contextualize it in our society and determine what is most effective.

The Minister says the issue has been brought to their attention, and they have taken it into consideration in their HIV Surge Strategy.