Minister stresses need for improved detection and prosecution

April 17, 2024 12:47 pm

Land Minister, Filimoni Vosarogo

There is a need to strengthen the policies on human trafficking to address the issue nationally and transnationally.

Minister for Lands Filimoni Vosarogo says Fiji has very tough legislation; however, the problem is in detection, investigation, and prosecution.

Vosarogo says these are areas where some form of government assistance and funding will have to be directed.

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He adds Fiji is still considered Tier 2 in terms of efforts by the government on anti-trafficking capacity.

“Although we know that we are probably not fully compliant at this stage, we all would agree that, as a country and as a bipartisan parliament, we are making every significant effort to comply with the required standards.”

Home Affairs Minister Pio Tikoduadua says human trafficking is a complex area and has acknowledged the issue of lack of data.

He adds the Home Affairs Ministry is working with stakeholders to address the issue of human trafficking and create more awareness on the issue.