Minister confirms elite involvement in drug trafficking

March 23, 2024 7:43 am

Home Affairs Minister Pio Tikoduadua has asserted that suggestions of influential businesses, entrepreneurs and government figures partaking in drug trafficking are not hearsay but proven truths.

In an interview with FBC News, Tikoduadua emphasized the ongoing investigations by the police and their partners into this concerning trend.

He stressed the joint efforts of law enforcement agencies and stakeholders in unraveling these complex issues.

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“In New Zealand we have a business who is now in jail, from Fiji, that is not a rumor, that is a fact but only investigations will find out of what’s happening so we have all the responsibility in keeping Fiji safe, free from drugs.”

Tikoduadua further stressed the significance of establishing the Narcotic Bureau as a pivotal step forward in addressing drug-related crimes.

He also acknowledged the indispensable role of intelligence gathering in their National Substance Detection and Response (NSDR) strategy.

The Minister also notes need for balanced approaches that respect the rights of individuals while safeguarding communities.

Meanwhile, Attorney General Siromi Turaga echoed Tikoduadua’s sentiments, emphasizing the severe penalties awaiting those implicated in the drug trade.