Labasa landowners look to business partnerships

April 16, 2024 4:01 pm

The Labasa town

Some landowners in Labasa are optimistic about partnering with the business community for the development of their township.

Laisa Tawale of Yavusa o Matasawa says there is potential to further develop Labasa, and resource owners need to embrace partnerships with the business community.

Tawale says there have been some positive shifts, especially now that a number of developments have been earmarked for Labasa.

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She adds that gone are the days when landowners should be reluctant to invest their resources because of external influence.

“Enough is enough. My request to all those who object to certain developments in commercial areas like Labasa is to stop being bullies and barriers to positive change and growth. Labasa is developing, and we, the landowners, are here for it by partnering with businesses on projects that will benefit everyone. We are moving forward.”

Meanwhile, Turaga Tui Labasa Ratu Jone Qomate says that resource owners around Fiji should now have a positive attitude towards developments.

He says that itaukei businesses back in the day did not last longer, but now it’s time to change that narrative and collaborate with developers on projects that will bring about prosperity.