Kidney disease in Fiji is more prevalent: Dr Ta’eed

March 15, 2024 6:35 am

[Source: Vanderbilt University]

Annually, approximately 700 to 900 new cases of kidney failure are reported in Fiji, which is alarming.

This was highlighted by the Director of the Fiji National Kidney Center, Dr. Anis Ta’eed, while marking World Kidney Day in Suva yesterday.

He says kidney disease in Fiji is a lot more prevalent than in other countries, and it affects one in seven people, which is relatively higher compared to other developed countries in the region.

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The kidney specialist says that when compared to other countries in the region, Fiji’s stats are relatively high.

“Yes, we have one good study looking at the incidences of how many new people have end stage kidney disease or kidney failure per year and the rates of approximately 700 to 900 new cases of kidney failure per year in Fiji, and when we compare that to countries like Australia, it is several faults higher, 3 to 4 times higher.”

Dr. Ta’eed is urging people to get tested, as kidney testing has become easier.

“The message really is to get tested because it doesn’t cause symptoms. You could be completely unaware of having this problem unless you get a test done. It’s really easy and cheap to get a test done, and in fact, at the health centers, it’s completely free. It’s a urine test, a blood test, and a blood pressure check. Anyone who is at the risk of kidney disease should get a check every year.”

World Kidney Day is marked annually on the second Thursday of March and advocates for kidney health.