Jenkins highlights need for competence in construction sector

December 4, 2023 4:36 pm

Construction Industry Council President Gordon Jenkins has highlighted the crucial need for competent individuals to carry out tasks.

This as the, the Consumer Council since 2018 has recorded 611 complaints with regards to construction-related fields, reflecting a substantial monetary value of $7.1 million.

Speaking during the Construction Industry Council Workshop, Jenkins warned that focusing on price in development has let dishonest individuals enter the industry.

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“There appears to be a number of ratbags involved in it. Unfortunately, most people have proceeded with development on the basis of price. You should have a competent person to do stuff. That is basic. If you don’t have that basic understanding, then you are going to be ripped off.”

Consumer Council Manager Alternative Dispute and Regulations, Jessica Lal, highlighted that the complaints are categorized into three groups, which include construction, architects and engineers, and valuers and surveyors.

Lal adds that of the 611 complaints 78.8 percent were construction-related complaints.

“This is just what we can say the tip of an ice burg. There might be complaints that might have gone unreported or reported to other consumer protection agencies.”

Lal adds that a collaborative action is needed to solve the issue as unscrupulous individuals are a concern.