Hours of deliberations and still no resolution

May 14, 2024 9:44 pm

The stalemate between Fiji Water and the National Union of Workers (NUW) persists as both parties failed to reach a resolution during the first round of mediation today.

The negotiations, which commenced at 11.30am and stretched until 7pm, saw representatives from Fiji Water, led by Executive VP Craig Cooper, and the NUW, represented by General Secretary Felix Anthony, engage in discussions aimed at resolving the ongoing dispute.

The mediation efforts, however, yielded no tangible results, prompting both parties to agree to reconvene tomorrow for further deliberations.

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Despite several breaks throughout the day, the fundamental differences between the company and the workers’ union remain unresolved.

In response to inquiries from FBC News this evening, both Fiji Water and the NUW declined to provide any comments, citing the absence of a consensus.

The standoff stems from the grievances of 168 striking employees who have been stationed outside Fiji Water’s facilities in Ra and Lautoka since last Tuesday.

These workers are advocating for their demands, which have yet to be met by the company.

They will reconvene tomorrow at 9am.