Transparent policies needed to bridge cancer care gap

February 5, 2024 4:34 pm

Cancer Awareness landmark lighting ceremony last night at the Grand Pacific Hotel [Source: Fiji Government/ Facebook]

There is a need to advocate for policies that promote affordable and transparent pricing of medicine for individuals diagnosed with cancer.

This has been highlighted by the Acting Prime Minister and Minister for Trade, Manoa Kamikamica, during the Cancer Awareness landmark lighting ceremony last night at the Grand Pacific Hotel.

Kamikamica says it is vital to ensure that life-saving treatments are accessible to all who need them.

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Acting Prime Minister, Manoa Kamikamica

He also emphasizes the need to strive for equality and fairness in accessing treatment, requiring comprehensive approaches to address structural inequalities in the healthcare system.

The Acting Prime Minister states that advocating for the diverse needs of patients is vital for effective treatment.

“Furthermore, we must prioritize research and innovation aimed at addressing the unique needs of diverse patient populations; this means fostering diversity in clinical trials to ensure that treatments are safe and effective for all individuals.”

Kamikamica says there is also a need to prioritize survivorship care.

This year, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, the Fiji Cancer Society will advocate for different themes throughout the month, which is dedicated to cancer awareness.

The first week will focus on adult cancers, the second on childhood cancers, the third on oral cancers, and the final week on skin cancers.