Limited medical resources will no longer be an issue: Panapasa

December 8, 2023 6:33 am

FCService Acting Commissioner Salote Panapasa (left), PS Dr James Fong

The Fiji Correction Service and the Ministry of Health are working together to address the issues caused by scarce resources.

This partnership is expected to bring in a new era of comprehensive medical care for both officers and prisoners.

According to Fiji Correction Service Acting Commissioner Salote Panapasa, the FCS is grappling with an annual medical allocation of $80,000 and has encountered constraints in providing adequate medical services to the inmates.

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“This partnership will give us leeway to utilize this fund on medical equipment and medical machines that would improve the service that we deliver. Previously, we utilized this fund on prisoners’ medication alone.

FCService Acting Commissioner Salote Panapasa

The Acting Commissioner believes that this collaboration symbolizes a move toward cost-sharing but, more significantly, a cooperative sharing of duties that guarantees an all-encompassing and fair approach to healthcare in our prisons.

The partnership with the Ministry of Health exemplifies a concerted effort to overcome challenges posed by budgetary limitations, ensuring that the correctional system meets the evolving healthcare needs of those it serves.