FijiCare pays over $33m

June 8, 2023 4:53 pm

Executive Director Avi Raju.

FijiCare Insurance reveals that the claims environment has been very challenging in the past few years.

Executive Director Avi Raju says last year, they recorded a payout of $33.8 million in claims.

He says this is due to the global crisis that is experienced in Fiji and globally, which includes high inflation in every sector of the economy and a high cost of medical care as well.

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According to Raju, human resource constraints and supply chain issues were also prevalent.

“The supply chain issues have also seen a big jump in motor vehicle-related claims due to the high cost of parts. But we know to keep ahead of the game, we have to keep innovating and challenging the norms.”

Raju says over the years, they have continuously introduced new innovations and leveraged technology to provide better products and services for their clients and stakeholders.

The company was also the insurance provider for overseas visitors to Fiji during the COVID-19 pandemic.