Government commits to meeting the demands of Vanua of Viria

March 21, 2024 6:31 am

[File Photo]

Infrastructure Minister Ro Filipe Tuisawau confirms that the government has agreed to address two key demands put forth by the Vanua of Viria in Naitasiri.

These demands include ensuring a consistent water supply for five villages and undertaking the rehabilitation of roads, both of which have received approval from the authorities.

However, there has been no confirmation regarding the $9 million compensation demand made by the Vanua of Viria.

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Ro Filipe states that discussions are currently underway with Viria landowners regarding the location of the Water Treatment Plant project.

“It’s just a matter of us prioritizing and budgeting for it in a sustainable way. That’s what we’ve been discussing, but in terms of other issues, the development contribution, that’s what we are discussing, but in terms of other issues, the plant operations.”

Ro Filipe emphasized the government’s prioritization of technical commissioning over ceremonial matters, taking a swipe at the Opposition Party for their focus on garlandings.

He reiterated that the government’s primary focus remains on making tangible progress.

Water from the Viria Water Project has begun flowing into the system.

The project has successfully generated and integrated 34 million litres of water daily into the supply network.

The full design capacity of the plant stands at an impressive 40 million litres of water per day.