FSC faces challenges from burnt cane surge

May 30, 2024 12:25 pm

[File Photo]

The Fiji Sugar Corporation is grappling with a significant rise in the supply of burnt cane, which poses substantial challenges to the sugar production process.

Chief Executive Bhan Pratap Singh highlighted these issues during a joint submission to the Standing Committee on Economic Affairs.

Singh says the percentage of burnt cane has surged from about 40 percent in the past to an average of 60 percent for the current season.

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He adds that in some instances, particularly towards the end of the season, the mills have received as much as 100 percent burnt cane.

“Burnt and delayed cane is very detrimental to the process. Sugar is lost in the process when cane is burnt and that sugar is not recovered as crystals. The sugar is lost in molasses. So there are losses in sugar recoveries due to the high percentage of burnt cane. ” 

He says this is a major challenge for the factory and they are trying to put in some control measures for the next season to reduce the percentage of burnt cane supplied to the factories.