Average of 11 homes lost in a month: Nalumisa

February 27, 2023 4:48 pm

[File Photo]

The National Fire Authority has reported that approximately 128 homes are lost to fires every year, with an average of 11 homes per month.

Minister for Housing and Local Government, Maciu Nalumisa, confirmed this while addressing firefighters at the centennial celebration in Walu Bay earlier today.

He says from the analysis of fire statistics from 2018 to 2022, a total of 706 properties were lost to fires, of which 65 were commercial and industrial properties.

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“As evident from the statistics, residential fires remained the highest compared to commercial buildings.”

Nalumisa says the remaining 638 were residential homes that were lost to fire, and given that the highest level of fire has been in residential properties, it is imperative to educate our children from a very young age on the importance of fire safety.

Today marks the 100th year of NFA service and existence in Fiji since it was established in 1923 after a big fire broke out at Cumming Street in Suva.