Fiji ready to host the SPTE event next month

April 16, 2024 5:55 am

Minister for Tourism Viliame Gavoka

Fiji is set to become the first country in the region to host the South Pacific Tourism Exchange, apart from Australia and New Zealand.

Minister for Tourism Viliame Gavoka says this event is the Pacific Region flagship tourism event, which brings together industry leaders, tourism professionals, stakeholders, and partners under one roof.

Gavoka says that this event was borne from the collective commitment to offer international partners the opportunity to see and experience the region’s tourism products so they can market the Pacific as their destination of choice.

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He says there will be a series of workshops and trainings provided during the SPTE 2024, and they are expecting 80 buyers from across the globe and 80 sellers from the Pacific.

The event will be held from the 4th to the 5th of May in Nadi, serving as a platform to foster collaboration and promote sustainable tourism practices.