Festival to promote local talent

February 28, 2023 12:23 pm

Printed masi from the masi workshop facilitated by Laijisupulu Kebaitoga at the Fiji Fringe Festival

Fiji Fringe Festival has provided a platform to several local artists to promote arts and culture.

There are various workshops at this festival and one of these is the ‘masi’ printing.

Laijiasupulu Kebaitoga who is a tutor at the festival says masi is a culturally significant cloth used across Fiji to celebrate major events and occasions and these prints are passed down family lines.

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““We were taught the art of masi printing from a very young age. We witnessed its benefits from our forefathers. Most of us, we were not taught … we would just observe and start to practice the art of masi printing.”

[Participants of the masi printing workshop with Tutor Laijiasupulu Kebaitoga (second right)] 

Kebaitoga says the art of masi is not an easy task and has huge potential to be sold in the local and international market.

[Participants of the masi printing workshop at the Fiji Fringe Festival]